March 11, 2011

* Diving with submarine

Do you ever has dream of doing dives and met with the submarine? If you want your dream come true, do dives at dive sites 'tanjung jepun' or' labuan Amuk' in Padang bay area.

This submarine is property odyssey that operate for underwater tourism in Bali. This is the only submarine tour in Indonesia that made by victoria machinery depot Canada, with total weight is 72,6 tons, length is 17 meters by 4 meters wide and can accommodate the weight of 3500 kg. When you dive and found this submarine is, usually at depth of 15 - 20 meters, please don't be too close to avoid the propeller of this ship. Odyssey company doesn't prohibit divers to dive in the submarine area , but warned that they will not be responsible if something happen in related with diving accident with the submarine. Just information for you if you interesting for diving there, the submarine don't have horn,,,,,

February 25, 2011

* Makassar Divers

To all my friends who live in Makassar or those who are there on holiday plans, now had a chance to do fun dive or want to take dive course in Makassar, because it has been opened one dive center "Makassar Divers".

This company aims to develop sport diving in Makassar considering the natural potential of under water around Makassar appropriate for recreational diving and diving courses. Based on this "Makassar Divers" has become the first SSI Dice Center there. As SSI Dive Center certainly has met the applicable standards and procedures for SSI as a world organization for recreational diving training.

According to the owner of the dive center that is also my friend, this company has scuba gear, tanks and the air compressor those are brand new and well maintained and also has experienced instructor and office location with convenient access to the beach. All these facilities are expected to attract people of Makassar in the development of diving in this area so in the long term will be marine tourism destination and help local tourism business. This area has several small island with an interesting dive sites. There are some who are famous among experienced divers like Samalona, Kodengareng keke, Lanyukan, kapoposang and other.

All these are certainly very encouraging for me, considering I grew up and study in this area. Now I have a chance to dive there. Congratulations, good luck and do not forget to invite me to dive there.

January 28, 2011

* Absolute Scuba Bali & ECOLogical

Been so long I do not write in this blog. I myself was shocked when I saw the last posts on this blog, about the month of July last year. Is it because I was too busy or because it is lazy? Only God and Me knows it's answer....,,,,,,,

On this occasion I wish to convey, since SSI enabled care programs in the ECOLogical environment and invite all SSI Dive Center, Divers and Instructor to take part in the program with the aim of maintaining and preserving the environment especially in coastal, marine, marine life and dive sites. Therefore, Absolute Scuba Bali SSI dive center which is the largest and most comprehensive in the region Padangbai; Bali, has begun to activate the program within their daily activities.

Absolute Scuba Bali are now beginning to mop up the beach in the front of their resort everyday, dive sites cleaning every month with invite the participation of divers in padangbai, and also include advice about the environment in the dive briefing to divers and snorkelers who take program diving and snorkeling with Absolute Scuba Bali and many others as listed in ECOLogical general Standards and Code Of Practice.

I hope this can be followed by all the dive operators, dive center and also the divers to preserve nature and the environment .I was remember the words of a guest when he saw someone littering; "if you can not love your home , let us who love it", brief but contains a deep meaning.

Environmental problems is the problem of consciousness and discipline that should start from ourselves before inviting others to do likewise. So for those who are not aware yet and want to become conscious again, let's together participate in SSI ECOLogical programs.

July 27, 2010

* VIP guests

I remember when I was still working on the one dive operator several years ago. At that time we believed to dive with some important guests. When I'm preparing everything for the guests, I was summoned to manager and ask for something which I consider a bit funny .
  • Manager : Indra please give more attention to these guests, because they are VIP guests. I don't want anyone to complain of them due to our service which is not good.
  • Me : Ok boss, what should I do for those? smile and was thinking to my self to using a coat and tie while diving later.
Why did I say funny?, because in diving activities, the safety standards in the water is the same for each person. No matter whether she's trash or VIP guest. They must comply with the rules of diving leader, and not the opposite.

It is a dive operators that service businesses and of course must seek profit, therefore the business would give more attention to special guests or deemed to benefit the company. But keep in mind, that the diving activities have rules of absolute and not negotiable especially concerning safety issues. Starting from the preparation before the dive, the dive and after diving. It applies equally to the divers. That's why I was confused, how should handle the VIP guests, because for me the important thing is safety in diving activities more than in a coat and tie while diving. Hehehehehe Peace....